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Marriage Guidelines for St. Saviour's Latin Parish Office - Jerusalem

You are requested to review all the information given. While we appreciate you choosing St. Saviour's church for your wedding, you must realize that we have many requests for weddings and by adhering to the guidelines all are treated fairly and equally.

Thank you.

General Information

  1. A couple should request permission for their wedding at St. Savior's church in presenting themselves to the Latin Parish Office Priests .           Phone requests will not be honored. The parish will see if the date requested is available and indicate it in our parish Mass book.

  2. A letter of permission from your local (or former) pastor is needed if you are not members of this parish.

  3. After request is granted, arrangements for Pre-cana classes will be made. The classes may be taken with the Archdiocese or at the Parish.

  4. Arrangements should be made at Church before other arrangements are made. Usual preparation for marriage require at least 3-6 months prior to the wedding.

  5. In case of a previous marriage - no plans are to be made until proper procedures of annulment are made.

  6. We encourage that the couple register as active members of the parish.


Due to certain religious services throughout the year, particular days are not available for weddings. Please note the days/times which are not available.

  1. Normally we do not conduct weddings during the Advent or Lenten Seasons (4 weeks before Christmas and 6 weeks before Easter)

  2. The parish does not conduct weddings on Fridays.

Documentation needed

1. If either party was married before, the following documentation is needed
before any plans are to be made.
a. A copy of the civil divorce papers
b. The documentation of a church annulment.
No dates are to be arranged until the annulment (if necessary) procedure is complete
2. Baptismal and Confirmation certificates.
Contact the church of your Baptism and Confirmation and obtain a recently
dated copy of your Baptismal certificate and Confirmation certificate. Please
note that the documentation is to be a recent copy of your
Baptism/Confirmation—an old copy of your Baptism/Confirmation is not acceptable.
3. The Pre-nuptial investigation papers. These will be filled out during one
of the visits with the priest arranging the wedding.

4. Each of you will be required to have two (1) witnesses to fill out
affidavits. These forms may be completed at St. Savior or if necessary in
your home parish then mailed to St. Savior’s.


The parish has fine musicians. Please prepare a budget for music based on fees below, and when musicians will be paid
- e.g. , before the wedding or on the day of the wedding." Prepared by the Parish office.
The organist fee - $50.00.

Fees for the Church

1. The basic fee for the church is $100
2. The basic fee for the Parish office is $100.
 If there are any difficulties with contributing this stipend please let the pastor know. 

Decorations - Processions - Photographers

  1. Arrangements for flowers and runners (if used) are to be made by the bride and groom with the florist of their choice. If a runners is desired inform the florist that no tape is to be used on the floor.

  2. The florist should speak to the sacristan or priest on placement of flowers.

  3. Due to fire regulations no floral arrangements, candles with hurricane lamps, trellises, canopies are allowed in the aisles or on the benches. If decorations are to be placed on the benches (e.g. bows) they are to be secured with rubber bands or string. No tape is to be used. Also note the top of the benches are curved and pre-made hangers do not work as they are made for square bench tops.

  4. Please keep in mind that the priest at the parish leads the rehearsal and officiates at the ceremony.

  5. It is important that on the day of the wedding, that the ceremony begin on time. If someone is late—bride or groom or any other in the wedding party—the Mass will begin on time.

Rehearsal time

Try to schedule the rehearsal time either the day before the wedding.


You must remember that you are receiving a Sacrament. It is vital that part
of your preparation is to receive the Sacrament of Confession. You are
receiving a great sacrament and it is necessary that you are in the state of
grace. Please plan ahead to make a good confession prior to your wedding so
that you may reap the full sacramental benefits of this special day of yours.

A final thought

Individuals reading these regulations are sometimes offended. It is not our
intention to offend. It is our intention to provide all couples with equal and
fair treatment. If you can not or do not wish to accept them, please do not
hesitate to locate another parish church for your wedding.


This page last updated 25 August 2004